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I birthed Stag + Seer the winter of 2019, in a magickal little story book village in the countryside of Dorset; the south of England.

After having lived in Los Angeles the previous 10 years, studying various healing modalities + experimenting with creating my own holistic products - it seemed that the desire to share my creations couldn't truly be fulfilled until my feet hit the UK soil. 

Trading the frantic energy of LA for the quiet countryside of England filled me with inspiration + passion unlike I'd ever known. It was here that my purpose truly came alive!

Hi, my name is Natalie! 
It brings me great joy to connect with you.

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I felt ancestral wisdom pulsing through my being, every plant, tree + flower whispering my name. The energy of this terrain was unlocking ancient memory + magick deeply imbedded in my soul. Something so profound + life altering was happening. It was the breath of Awen! 

Incorporating the ways of old + sacred traditions of this land into my daily expression became a deep passion + ultimately the driving force behind Stag + Seer.


After much study + immersion in the world of Herbalism, it was finally time - Stag + Seer was born!

Stag + Seer is a culmination of my love for the plant kingdom + the desire to heal naturally - infused with my years of training in the healing arts. I am a qualified Reiki Master + Crystal Healer with additional certifications in Channeling + Intuitive Coursework + Sound Healing (Tuning Forks).


My most recent training in Celtic Reiki has brought a whole new dimension to my healing work + is a major component in the Stag + Seer offerings. For more on this, please read FAQ's. 

I absolutely adore making these magickal offerings + must say that it wouldn't be possible without the support + love of my husband David + son Finn Odin - whom both fill me with inspiration + encouragement on a daily basis!

Update 2021: We recently relocated to the sacred lands of Devon, after two wonderful years in Dorset. We are continuing to make our plant magick now with the breathtaking moorlands and many a craggy tor as our muse.

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