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Avalon mists

Inspired by the Isle of Avalon

These mists have been created
with mindfully selected ingredients
to promote a specific vibrational             experience.

Within, a crystal elixir unique to           each mist - created using the                 ancient, healing waters of             Glastonbury Chalice Well (image)
Containing high quality organic           essential oils, these potions are           also Full Moon charged + further             enhanced with Celtic Reiki  
+ invoked wisdom of Avalon.



The legendary Isle of Avalon

The mist-cloaked island of ancient magick + wisdom. A mystical gateway the Celts referred to as the Isles of the Dead, an entrance to an Otherworldly realm.

A great hill with an ancient stone tower on top, the Tor has a spiraling labyrinth around it's side + beneath a hidden cave. An entrance to Annwn, the Realm of Faerie where the Lord of the Celtic Underworld dwells. 

A sacred, healing site, where earth energies + ley lines converge. Where one awakens that which has been forgotten.

The Divine Feminine. The Great Mother.



Image: Jason Sturgess

The Tor (Glastonbury, England)

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