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We have immense love + respect for Mama Earth and all that she graciously gifts us.  And so it's of the utmost importance that our business actions reflect this. 

We strive to be as low waste + plastic free as possible, sourcing reusable + recyclable product packaging, such as glass, cork + aluminium. 

All packing materials in orders are 100% recyclable, right down to shredded padding - which is repurposed cardboard boxes from orders we have received ourselves!



20200119_160022 copy.jpg

In our efforts to be sustainable, we also print and cut all labels + business cards ourselves. We also try our very best to source local materials, our top priority is supporting local UK businesses. 


It is also our intention in the near future to offer zero waste incentives. For customers to return their empty products for refills at a discount.

We're also thrilled to team up with

The Word Forest Organisation. They are doing such wonderfully inspiring things + truly making a difference! Every donation received goes toward planting trees, building classrooms + facilitating education in impoverished communities in Kenya.

5% of every The Healer Balm sold goes directly to them!

We also highly recommend watching 

their documentary Trees Are The Key, narrated by Kate Winslet. A must watch for fellow earth warriors.  

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