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What is Celtic Reiki?

Reiki, meaning ‘universal life energy’, is a form of energy healing recognised for its ability to heal on all levels - physical, mental, emotional + spiritual. Developed by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century, it's foundation is set in the belief that 'life force energy' flows through us + when it is low or blocked we are more likely to be unwell + stressed. The practitioner channels this energy through their hands, along with the use of sacred symbols, to create harmony + balance in the client or object.    

Celtic Reiki is a variation of Usui Reiki, which uses vibrations of specific trees + plants for healing + manifestation. The Reiki energy mimics the frequency of whatever tree or plant the practitioner is working with. When one attunes to this system they gain the energetic connections to the symbols which derive from the Celtic Ogham, the ancient, sacred Druid alphabet.


This magickal alphabet was deeply connected to the trees, since the Celts had a strong affinity and reverence for them. They believed that all trees have a spirit + every species an ‘Over Spirit’, ‘Fairie’ or ‘Deva’ that governed it. When working with the Celtic Ogham, one is working with the Over Spirit of that tree.

I have selected these specific Celtic Reiki symbols to create a meaningful 'treatment sentence'. This sentence is used to bless + energetically charge all of my creations. 

do you offer wholesale?

In​deed we do! Please email us for our wholesale list:

are your products vegan friendly ?

All of our products are plant based and suitable for vegans. We pride ourselves on only working with ingredients that are organic or 100% natural, free from sls's, parabens, harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances and absolutely never tested on animals!

are your products nut free ?

Our products are nut free (with the only exception being our Body Oil which contains sweet almond oil!) We do share a workspace where cross contamination is a very low possibility - so please be mindful of this if your allergy is severe :)

are your products safety assessed ?

Stag + Seer complies with the EU & UK cosmetic selling regulations, holding CPSR documentation for the relevant products. 

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