Boudicca Talisman


Invoke strength, courage, freedom + determination.


This piece is inspired by Celtic Queen + Warrior, Boudicca. The courageous, fierce ruler of the Inceni tribe, who lead a powerful revolt against Roman rule in ancient Britain 60/61 CE.


If you wish to learn more about the symbology of this talisman, please read on….



Spear/Arrow: You will find a black obsidian spear at the base of your talisman. Boudicca is often depicted with spear in hand and is believed to have fought for her freedom this way. After herself, her daughters and the Iceni tribe suffered terribly at the hands of the Romans, a rebellion was born. Neighbouring tribes joined forces with the Iceni, and so began the epic attack on the Romans - with hordes of spear-wielding, blue war painted Britons showing no mercy!  


Black Obsidian: A teacher stone. Revealer of the darker, shadowy aspects embedded within the subconscious. This powerful stone has a grounding + protective quality. A remover of energetic attachments, a sealer of the auric field. Assists in healing ancestral + alternate timelines. And it’s worth mentioning that Black Obsidian isn’t so much of a stone, but actually glass, formed from molten lava in the final stages of volcanic eruptions! Your Obsidian is cleansed + charged with Celtic Reiki. 



Hag Stones: Very rare and sacred stones, used for Centuries as a protective amulet, warding off curses, sickness & nightmares. With a naturally occurring hole due to water eroding it, it’s believed that the very water that created the hole was impervious to Magik; therefor the stone retains the beneficial influence of the water. They are also believed to enhance psychic vision and intuition and are considered a doorway into the Otherworld,. By peering through the hole in the moonlight, one may get a clear vision of otherworldly beings and gather wisdom. You will find four Hag Stones in your talisman, collected from the coast of Dorset.


Feathers: A symbol of Andraste - Goddess of victory, ravens + battle. Andraste was the patron Goddess of the Iceni tribe, with Boudicca invoking her strength for victory against the Roman occupation. The feathers on your talisman were ethically sourced, found on nature walks in Devon.



Horse carving: Held sacred by the Iceni, horses were revered and considered a symbol of their wealth. It is documented that Boudicca led her people to war in a horse-drawn chariot, a vision of strength + courage. Archaeological finds of horse-related objects are common from this time, and they were even found on Icenian coins. The horse and sun carving on your talisman is a direct copy of an Iceni coin and is intended to represent freedom + strength.


The Ogham: Also known as the ‘Celtic Tree Alphabet’, is an ancient, symbolic script. Ogham is represented by a series of marks running along a central line, read from the bottom upward. Each symbol is influenced by nature (a tree, or shrub) and also corresponds with a time of the year - a zodiac system consisting of 13 lunar months. The Celts were deeply connected to nature & had a strong affinity and reverence for trees - they believed that all trees have a specific frequency and spirit that governs it. When working with the Celtic Ogham, one is essentially working with the unique energy of that tree.


Oak Ogham (Duir): Holding the energy of courage, endurance + strength. Oak is a powerful tree ally to work with, leading you to the truth and giving the power to overcome and survive any situation. You will find the Ogham symbol for Oak (Duir) burnt into a hanging piece of Oak on your talisman. 


Talisman length: 45 inches


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