Invoke love, sensuality + fertility. Not necessarily physically, but the conceiving + birthing of your hearts desires also.


This piece is influenced by Universal Goddess energy; in particular (but not limited to) Norse Goddess of love, sex, beauty & Magik, Freyja. 


If you wish to learn more about the symbology of this talisman, please read on….



Fertility Amulet: Ceramic Goddess handcrafted in the potent, Goddess rich landscape of Glastonbury. Donna from Elemental Ceramics not only crafted this piece with textural stoneware clay, but also included slip clay from Glastonbury Tor itself! Bringing the sacred hills Goddess energy into your space.


Pink Tourmaline: A gemstone connected to the heart space - encouraging love, joy, bliss + happiness. It has an aphrodisiac like quality, whilst also promoting self-confidence and emotional/mental/physical healing. Its rough, untreated appearance contributes to its raw, pure energy - rather than polished.  


Swan Feathers: A majestic bird, symbolising love, grace, faith, beauty + peace. These beautiful white feathers were also chosen for their transformational qualities, the Swan being a beautiful facilitator of calm, gentle change. Each feather was ethically sourced + is cruelty free. 


Hag Stones/Faerie Stones: Very rare + sacred stones, used for Centuries as a protective amulet, warding off curses, sickness + nightmares. With a naturally occurring hole due to water eroding it, it’s believed that the very water that created the hole was impervious to Magik; therefor the stone retains the beneficial influence of the water. They are also believed to enhance psychic vision, intuition + are considered a doorway into the Otherworld - the realm of Fae. By peering through the hole in the moonlight, one may get a clear vision of otherworldly beings and gather wisdom. You will find four Hag Stones in your amulet, collected from the coast of Dorset.


Hawthorn: A tree of great benefit/medicine to the heart, both physically + emotionally. Connected to love, protection + fertility, Hawthorn also helps promote peace in times of emotional turmoil. Hawthorn is also rich in folklore & legend! It was believed that collecting its thorns + placing them under the pillow would help one conceive a child. It was/is also heavily used in fertility rituals of Celtic Festival Beltane aka May Day. Hawthorne is also known as the ‘Faerie Tree’, it is considered a gateway into the ‘Otherworld’. 


The two larger branches included in your talisman are Hawthorn, respectfully collected from fallen branches in Devon.


Hawthorne Ogham: The Ogham, also known as the ‘Celtic Tree Alphabet’, is an ancient, symbolic script. Ogham is represented by a series of marks running along a central line, read from the bottom upward. Each symbol is influenced by nature (a tree/shrub) and also corresponds with a time of the year - a zodiac system consisting of 13 lunar months. The Celts were deeply connected to nature & had a strong affinity and reverence for trees - they believed that all trees have a specific frequency and spirit that governs it. When working with the Celtic Ogham, one is essentially working with the unique energy of that tree.


In the Ogham, Hawthorn is called Huath (Hoh-uh) and correspond with a potent, fertile time of year - May Day (Beltane)! You will find the symbol for Huath burnt into a hanging piece of Hawthorn, on your talisman.


Bind rune for Love: From the Old Norse alphabet, combining the powerful energies of Gebo + Wunjo, both runes are joined together to create a bind rune for love, partnership, success. You will find this powerful symbol burnt into the Hawthorn also.


Runes: Freyja is burnt in runes across the Hawthorn, further invoking her energy and Magik.


The length of the piece: 53 inches


We highly recommend selecting 'tracked shipping' on this item, as it is one of a kind and can't be replaced. Thanks! x