Invoke strength, courage, wisdom + protection.


This piece is heavily influenced by Norse God Odin. A great Magician associated with healing, knowledge, poetry + death. In our piece, the death of that which no longer serves. You will also find a subtle Celtic influence here.


If you wish to learn more about the symbology of this talisman, please read on….


Gungnir: The eternal spear belonging to Odin. Perfectly balanced + magickally charged. A symbol of power and protection, further enhanced by the very material is it shaped from - Black Obsidian. A powerful, protective stone formed from molten lava in the final stages of volcanic eruptions.


Yggdrasil: The Norse tree of life, at the center of the universe. This giant Ash tree is believed to span from deep in the underworld (Hel) to the heavenly realm (Asgard). In his relentless pursuit of knowledge, Odin sacrificed his eye, pierced himself with his spear then hanged himself from the Yggdrasil; for nine days and nights to gain knowledge and discernment. These actions resulted in the revealing of sacred wisdom and the discovery of runes.


The two larger branches in this talisman are from fallen Ash collected in Devon. You will also find the hanging rune Ansuz ᚨ carved from Ash, along with the Celtic Ogham symbol for this tree burnt into it’s wood.


Ansuz ᚨ meaning: The rune of Odin. Wisdom, revelation, assistance from the ancestors. Pay attention, there are messages, subtle signs and guidance to be had. Sit in silence, answers will come. 


Ash Ogham Symbol (Nion): A key to universal truth, a tree for the spiritual warrior. Protection, healing and manifestation. You are the creator. Your current behaviours, attitude, belief systems are shaping your future. Be mindful of this and know that you can change your life in any moment, the power is yours.



Odin Stones (aka Hag Stones/Faerie Stones): Very rare + sacred stones, used for Centuries as a protective amulet, warding off curses, sickness & nightmares. With a naturally occurring hole due to water eroding it, it’s believed that the very water that created the hole was impervious to Magik; therefor the stone retains the beneficial influence of the water. They are also believed to enhance psychic vision, intuition + are considered a doorway into the Otherworld, the realm of Fae. By peering through the hole in the moonlight, one may get a clear vision of otherworldly beings and gather wisdom. You will find three Odin Stones in your amulet, collected from the coast of Dorset.


Huginn & Muninn: Odin’s loyal Ravens, often seen perched on each of his shoulders. Every morning they are sent off to fly the nine realms, to gather information that might be of value to Odin. They represent ‘thought’ and ‘mind’ and are symbolic of wisdom and death. In this case, for this talisman….the death of that which no longer serves. The two feathers on this talisman represent Huginn & Muninn. Ethically sourced from blessed discoveries on nature walks in Devon.   


The length of this talisman measures: 51 inches, with the possibility of making it 10 inches shorter if desired.


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