𓁿 The Seer Bundle 𓁿


Tools to assist in the amplification of ones spiritual practice, to integrate the shadow self + transcend limiting constructs of the ego.


Included in the bundle:


⤖ Black Obsidian ⬻


A teacher stone. Revealer of the darker, shadowy aspects embedded within the subconscious. This shamanic stone has a grounding + protective quality. A remover of energetic attachments, a sealer of the auric field. Assists in healing ancestral + alternate timelines. And it’s worth mentioning that Black Obsidian isn’t so much of a stone, but actually glass, formed from molten lava in the final stages of volcanic eruptions! Your Obsidian will also be cleansed + charged with Celtic Reiki.


⤖ Seer Anointing Oil ⬻  


A special blend of herbs + organic oils, mindfully selected for their divinatory, consciousness expanding properties. This roll on oil contains ethically wild foraged Mugwort, a Lemurian Seed Quartz Sun + Full Moon Infusion along with organic essential oils of Sage, Myrrh + Frankincense. A lovely accompaniment to energy practices such as meditation, healing, trance, yoga, dream work etc. For a more detailed description of this creation, please click here


⤖ Sacred Smoke Stick ⬻


A palm sized bundle of Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) bound with hemp cord. A magickal, visionary herb, harvested on the Summer Solstice. She is an amplifier of psychic vision, stimulator of lucid dreams, astral travel + an opener of the chambers of ancient memory. The Mother of herbs.


 Each Seer's Bundle is accompanied by a detailed write up, explaining each item + providing suggestion/ritual for use.


 It also comes with the option of gift wrapping in the drop down menu. A luxury, eco box, embellished with twine + greenery - so it also makes for a lovely pressie!


Please note: The Seer's Bundle contains herbs that should not be used by those who are pregnant or are trying to concieve. 


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