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Sustainably Wild

Stag + Seer was born out of a deep love for the Earth along with the desire to heal naturally, harnessing the unique and supportive properties of the botanical world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people to the wisdom of the Earth. To create consciously crafted offerings with integrity and purpose. Rooted in the ancient and traditional ways, our products inspire healing and wellbeing in this fast paced modern world and encourage the ‘Ceremony of Healing' in our day to day lives.

By discovering Stag + Seer we hope to provide knowledge, awaken positive perspectives and inspire mindful ways of being. From living harmoniously with the Earth, reducing environmental impact, cultivating relationships with medicinal plants; to honouring the wise and sacred teachings of our ancestors. Above all, honouring thyself with rituals of self care and healing. 


Hi, I'm Natalie - the founder, formulator & weaver of magik here at Stag + Seer.

The journey began back in the Winter of 2019 in the South West of England. After having lived in Los Angeles the previous decade, studying various healing modalities, spiritual practises and experimenting with creating my own holistic products - it seemed that the desire to share my creations could not truly be fulfilled until my feet hit the UK soil.

Trading the frantic energy of LA for the quiet countryside of Devon, filled me with inspiration and passion unlike I'd ever known. It was here that my purpose truly came alive. Incorporating the ways of old and sacred traditions of this land into my daily expression became a passion and ultimately the driving force behind Stag + Seer.

I felt ancestral wisdom pulsing through my being, every plant, tree and flower whispering my name. The energy of this terrain was unlocking ancient memory deeply imbedded in my soul. This Australian finally felt ‘home’. After much study and immersion in the world of Herbalism, Stag + Seer was born. 

Uniting ancient wisdom with modern healing

As Stag + Seer gained momentum - my solo venture became a family affair. My dear husband David now plays a pivotal role in the business, I’d be lost without him! And our sweet son Finn Odin has become our most magikal apprentice.

In June of 2023 we had the pleasure of opening our very first brick and mortar store, here in quaint narrows of Totnes, Devon. Our new space is steeped in history and is actually located in the mote of the castle ruins. The remaining castle stone dates back all the way to the 14th century.

Come say hi if you’re in town! You'll find us at 69 High Street, Totnes, TQ9 5PB 

From Soil to Soul

Our products are formulated with organic, home grown or ethically foraged botanicals; with the focus on ‘weeds’ that grow rapidly and efficiently - commonly underestimated and overlooked for their medicinal qualities.

Our offerings are handcrafted in small batches here in Totnes, Devon, free from nasty chemicals, artificial fragrances or harmful preservatives.

The process of working with herbs is a sacred one for us. From harvesting, to drying, to extracting, to eventually creating the product itself - it’s herbal alchemy!

Our preferred method of extracting the medicinal properties of each plants is that of the ‘old ways’. A slow maceration. We combine herbs with oil and allow the warmth of the sun to gently extract the medicine over a full moon cycle. 

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