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Talisman 3


Seers Talismans

Each of us has a Seer within us. The one who can see all that was, is and will be - we need only awaken them.

 These handmade, one of a kind pendants are handcrafted by the talented Jade Moon of Bone Song . Each comes with an adjustable leather cord and is made of bronze. 

Delve deeper as Jade explains her inspiration:

 "Inspired by the Seeress author of the Voluspa (an ancient Norse poem) & the character of Gullveig - who, in the poem, after being stabbed by Odin and then burnt three times without dying, also becomes a Seer - Heidr.

The intention of these pendants is to aid in awakening the Seer within you. This totem can also support you in understanding what you see and how to use that knowledge. It is a talisman of blessing on your journey to eyes-wide-open wisdom.

 Each Seers Eye is handmade in my Temple Studio from a material called Precious Metal Clay that once fired in a special kiln turns into pure metal, in this case bronze. So, as you can see, each one has gone through fire, much like Gullvieg, and been transformed. May you be transformed also in ways that support your journey."

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Talisman 3


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