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The Seer Gift Set

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⤖ Black Obsidian ⬻

A teacher stone. Revealer of the darker, shadowy aspects embedded within the subconscious. This shamanic stone has a grounding + protective quality. A remover of energetic attachments, a sealer of the auric field. Assists in healing ancestral + alternate timelines. And it’s worth mentioning that Black Obsidian isn’t so much of a stone, but actually glass, formed from molten lava in the final stages of volcanic eruptions! Your Obsidian will also be cleansed + charged with Celtic Reiki.

⤖ Seer Anointing Oil ⬻

A special blend of organic plant extracts, oils and crystal essences - mindfully selected for their transcendental, consciousness expanding qualities. Containing extracts of Wildcrafted Mugwort (Mother of all Herbs) and Blue Lotus (Egyptian Water Lily), when combined these sacred botanicals can create a dynamic, psychoactive, euphoric experience. Their active components thujone, apomorphine and nuciferine can help stimulate awakening, spiritual growth, psychic vision, lucid dreaming, astral travel and open the chambers of ancient, ancestral memory. Both Mugwort and Blue lotus have been used extensively for ritual, medicine & celebration by ancient civilisations - from the primal Celtic Druids, to the High Priests of Ancient Egypt.

Also infused in this oil, Lemurian Seed Quartz essence. A crystal believed to have been embedded deep into the Earth by the ancient Lemurians. As legend tells it, the Lemurians were Master Healers. A spiritually and technologically advanced civilisation, who coded these crystals with sacred information and higher frequencies. Organic essential oils of Frankincense, Sage & Myrrh complete this oil, with their protective, purifying and grounding properties.

Please visit the Seer Anointing Oils product page for more information.

⤖ Sacred Smoke Stick ⬻

A dried bundle of Sacred Cedar, bound with hemp cord. A cleansing, uplifting herb to purify your ritual space.

⭃ Each Seer's Bundle is accompanied by a detailed write up, explaining each item + providing suggestion/ritual for use.

⭃ It also comes with the option of gift wrapping.

Please note: The Seer's Bundle contains herbs that should not be used by those who are pregnant or are trying to conceive.


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The Seer Gift Set


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